Why Us?


Thanks for taking the time to find out more about us. Our holistic service seeks to put your needs first. Our passion is helping people to achieve their life goals.  Personal Financial Planning is advice in the context of a relationship. Take time and learn a little about us and we look forward to getting to know you. The Financial Health Check is a great meeting place. We are not salespeople but educators, learn and prosper!

It has been a 30 year journey

1990’s Money show at CHCH Town Hall

Strategic Financial Planning was founded by Michael Taylor in 1990. He was new to Financial Planning, coming from an educational and pastoral background. Also, Financial Planning was new to New Zealand. Michael developed Strategic’s service offering from the ground up – setting it apart from its peers.

Based in Christchurch, Michael developed a practice and worked hard on systems that allowed him to provide high-quality financial planning.

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Client Focused

Historically, Financial Planning has been overshadowed by selling financial products with only lip service paid to the full financial planning process. It was Michael’s pastoral background that kept the focus on the clients’ needs. Many times he has had to reject invitations to adopt strategies or systems that would have provided him with better remuneration but would have limited client choice. ↑ back to top

Client-Centric Systems

Very early, Michael realised the importance of good systems to provide good service. Michael has invested heavily in Strategic’s sister company OMNIMax Software Solutions Limited. OMNIMax has developed financial planning software second to none – internationally. Quite an incubator for NZ IT talent! Ironically, Financial Planning tools have not had a high priority in NZ.  We believe this was one of the factors resulting in investors being compromised during the Global Financial Crisis.

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Advice Profession Shake Up

The financial planning industry’s teenage years were challenging. The 1990’s saw very good returns which encouraged a product focus rather than a client focus and, of course, clients were not concerned when returns were so good. With the new millennium that all changed. The financial crisis exposed the poor quality of some advice. Financial “Jetboats” did not handle the big economic waves well. Many wished that had had a “Lifeboat” instead of a “Jetboat”!   Finally, the government has acted with “tough love”: it has imposed an Authorisation regime and very tight controls on financial advisers. Up to this point, anyone could call themselves a Financial Advisor and had little if any accountability for the advice they gave.

Strategic has welcomed the intervention of the new legislation overseen by the Financial Markest Authority. We are one of the few practices in New Zealand that can describe themselves “Independent” under the new regulations↑ back to top

Christchurch Shake-Up and Covid-19!

Standing but leaning – now gone.

Despite our offices being destroyed by the quake, we committed to staying in Christchurch.  Thanks to OMNIMax having implemented their systems in the “cloud”, we were up and running very soon without any technology hiccup. We offer a personal service that can be delivered over the internet. The Lock-down of Covid-19 proved this strategy again.

We recognise that many New Zealanders are having to change their life plan and we are working with clients to do just that. The recent addition to our services, the Financial Health Check has fortuitously arrived just as people really need it (make sure you at least take up this service – it is so empowering just when so much else seems designed to make us powerless!). We seek to combine financial literacy by letting you see how you are placed. This is an exciting  OMNIMax tool has been released internationally.

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Where to Next?

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