Why Clients Choose Us.

We like to say: We cannot control the economic weather … but we build lifeboats not jetboats!

A few of the reasons to choose us as your financial adviser are:

Independent: No “handcuffs”

Strategic is one of the few practices in NZ that can use the term “Independent”. This means that we are not aligned to any particular provider of financial products and we do not receive any incentives for selling products. So we offer clients absolute transparency.Our fee focus brings objectivity to our recommendations. We are free to select solutions that best meet your needs.

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Focused on Your Goals

We start with what is most important to you: your Goals. What are the things you really want to do? We help you match your Resources to your Financial Goals creating a realistic Life Plan. Then we travel with you on your journey helping you to monitor your progress and fine tune your plan.

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Educative: Knowledge is power

Albert Einstein

The lack of financial education has left many, even the most educated, exposed to poor advice. In this environment even poor advisers, whose advice would not stand scrutiny, were able to flourish.  To address this Strategic has developed, through its sister company OMNIMax, our Financial Health Check. We aim to increase your knowledge so you can fully understand our recommended strategies. We welcome your scrutiny!

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We are still here!

Te Matua Ngahere

Strategic Financial Planning has been offering financial advice since 1990 and has seen many advisers and suppliers come and go.
In the last 25 years we have guided our clients through:

  • Stock Market Crashes
  • Technology Bubbles
  • Wars
  • Bond Market Crashes
  • Economic Crises
  • Credit Market “Bubble” Bursts
  • Finance Company Receiverships
  • High Interest Rates / Low Interest Rates
  • High and Low Inflation
  • Property booms and negativity equity crises
  • High and low exchange rates
  • Changes in pension and welfare entitlements
  • Taxation changes

We have journeyed with clients in disappointing markets as well as strong markets. We and our clients are still here.

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“Care, Diligence and Skill.”

We encourage:
some to be more courageous,
others to be more cautious,
but all to be prudent.

The values that have been important to Strategic over the last 24 years are now embodied in Financial Advisers Act 2008 which defines by whom and how advice can be delivered.  This “raising of the bar” has been a welcome change to the profession. The disclosure regime makes it easy to understand whether an adviser has any potential for bias in their advice.

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All Money is in Your Name

We manage money but we do not handle it!
All assets are maintained in your name. Other than our professional fees you never pay funds into our account. You sign off on every investment transaction and remain in total control. The lack of this safe guard is often the source of the frauds you would have read about. We have a heavier paper trail but it keeps our clients safe.

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Partnerships with other Professionals

We work with your other professional advisers in the legal and accountancy fields and will refer you for expert advice on specialist issues as required. For example, how you hold/own your investments is an important consideration in some circumstances.

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Ethical Investment

We have a particular interest in ethical investing and can assist clients with a socially responsible focus.

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Robust Systems

We have spent many years developing systems and process that work for clients. e.g. accessing your Portfolio On-line, End of year tax reports, monitoring your Goal’s progress online.

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Where to Next?

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