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Financial Health Checks proving popular

At client review time all Strategic’s clients are given an invitation to complete a Financial Health Check. For a number this has been a very helpful experience. Having a good overal picture of how you are placed is either very … Continue reading

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7 things to consider before retiring. Do not run out of lifestyle!

Retirement is a social construct and the age of retirement is usually linked to state pensions. Some folk decide to become “old” just because they have reached 65! We need to remind ourselves that a young person does not stop … Continue reading

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Inter-generational ‘fraud’. Thank God you are not living in Britain if you are young!

Older generations of Britons have been accused of inter-generational ‘fraud’ by one of Britain’s most respected economic historians. Inter-generational breakdown: Sorry son, the story ends with national bankruptcy In his BBC Reith Lecture, Niall Ferguson warned that the colossal debt … Continue reading

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