What We Do

Financial Planning

We are Financial Planners. This means we help people arrange their personal finances to meet their goals. We can provide you with advice on:

  • Saving
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Debt
  • Wealth
  • Retirement
  • Your Business

At Strategic Financial Planning, we take the view that all these decisions need to be made in the context of you and your goals. Many other professionals are able to give you part of the picture, but it is the Financial Planner who helps you put it all together.  We call this life plan a “Goal Based Financial Plan“.

Our passion is to help our clients achieve their goals.

Before you get any advice, we recommend all new clients get a Financial Health Check. This exercise is designed to help you list your goals, understand their cost, and assess how you are placed to achieve them.  Armed with that knowledge, you are in a better position to assess what advice you need, and the quality of that advice.

We need to meet you (in the office or online) and then….

We listen! We have no off the shelf solution. Once we understand what you are trying to achieve we will design a  unique strategy for you. Once you are comfortable that the strategy meets your needs we will implement it and review it with you over time to check you remain on course.

Needs vary

We are financial planners focusing on aligning clients’ Goals with Resources in the most efficient way. The process may begin with a Financial Health Check or may begin directly with your personal Goal Based Financial Plan. Others may wish to start with Wealth Management. Wherever you begin your personal financial journey, Strategic can offer an informed and independent solution.

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