Financial Advice: Holistic Life Planning

Our core service is the provision of Financial & Investment Advice to assist you with achieving your goals.

We provide a range of advice tailored to your needs and can include:

Making sure they are meeting your goals.


Savings & Pensions

Many saving strategies are not optimised. For example many people are in the wrong KiwiSaver and are missing the opportunity to grow their savings account most effectively. The long duration of most saving schemes compounds these inefficiencies. We will review and design an appropriate strategy so the opportunity is not lost. Some are lucky enough to have a work’s pension scheme. What should you take as a pension and what as a lumpsum? How is the remaining partner placed? These are important and irreversible decisions. We will work through the options with you.

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Investments & Legal Structures

Core to our services is the creation of an individual portfolio strategy for investments. Individuals as well as Trustees & Executors of Estates need a prudent level of fiduciary care. Portfolios will be as unique as needs. We have no “off the shelf” solutions and our independence provides  wide range of solutions. See Portfolio Design & Management for more details. Before this process takes place it is import to examine how assets are held e.g. Joint Tenants, Tenants in Common, Family Trust, Matrimonial Property or not. Investment of time here can both protect assets and avoid complex issues later.

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Business Interests

Using our unique combination of Financial Planning and Corporate Finance skills, we offer business owners assessments of how business interests can be best used to achieve their personal financial goals.  Many successful business owners spend a great deal of effort on their business but little time assessing how their business supports their personal goals.  So easy to miss an opportunity here! See Business Owner Services for more information.

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Insurance & Estate Planning

Managing risk is critical to the success of any personal financial plan.  Insurance is a powerful tool in managing personal financial risks, others include the use of emergency funds and levels of liquidity in investments. We provide detailed assessments of your risks that enable you to decide what level of insurance protection is appropriate for your individual situation. Having either too much or too little insurance can be costly. Strategic’s commission free and fee based insurance solutions provide the opportunity to maximise the value of your risk management dollar.

Having an clear plan for the transfer of assets on death in the form of a current Will is an absolute necessity….whatever you age. Such foresight saves anguish for those remaining.

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Retirement / Financial Independence

Planning for the time when you no longer have to / can work, is an important part of your financial plan. Our goal based approach to financial planning allows you to input your financial independence goal in context with your other goals and rank by your priorities. Exploring different scenarios will help you clarify your needs.

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