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FinaMetrica Risk Profiles

Most Financial Health Checks have a default Conservative Risk Profile which assumes the lowest likely return. If you request a full plan will provide access to an online FinaMetric Risk Profiler and apply, after discussion with you, your Investor Profile.


Think hard about your Goals.

The obvious one is the income (after tax) that you want in Retirement. There are likely to many other Goals, some one off or some each year and some at different yearly intervals. You can have as many as you like! You can experiment and see what Goals are practical.


Resources…..think of all the possibilities.

The sustainability of your Goals will depend on your Resources.
Remember to add your KiwiSaver under Investments. You can find out info on the type of KiwiSaver you are in at the bottom of the webpage HERE

You may anticipate an inheritance. Work on the most conservative estimate if you wish to include it.


This is your after tax income. When adding income remember to enter when your income ends. If your are retiring at 65 then your salary will end at 64.

In addition remember to find out how much NZ Super you will get at age 65. You can look up the details HERE


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