Free Financial Health Checks: When can I Retire?

The Online Financial Health Check creates an opportunity for you to explore your financial life. Take advantage of one of the most advanced and flexible tools available. You do not want a brain surgeon with a pocket knife but one with the right instruments! It costs nothing to explore your Goals. Get the full report if you see the value. There is no advisory input, just space for you to explore and then raise, when and if you choose, the issues that you would like help with.  Get ready in your own space for the advice process either with us or with others. When complete, and when you choose we can add our expertise and add value to your personal planning by addressing issues like: Are you in the right KiwiSaver? Investments appropriately Diversified, Are Index Funds for you? Is the certainty of LifeTime income important to you?  Too much or too little Insurance? Savings on Mortgage Costs? Savings with No Commission Insurance? Appropriate Investments for your circumstances?

Free Financial Health Check  

Who is the Financial Health Check for: Busy Professional and Business people, Just Married, Starting a Family (back to one salary?), Attacking the Mortgage Mountain, 50+ Mortgage Free and looking for Financial Independence, Nearing Retirement, In retirement -Sustainability of Lifestyle, 65 What do I do with my KiwiSaver?

Get Your Financial Health Check:

STEP 1: Click here for your Online FHC .

STEP 2: Enter your information online and get an initial free Summary of your situation.

STEP 3: Request your full  FREE Financial Health Check Report.

We will review your information and identify areas where advice can add value.

STEP 4: Request a Financial Plan if you need advice.

Step 5: Track your progress towards your goals.


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