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Dynamic Alpha Portfolio:

Provides exposure to a wide range of investments: Units Trusts, Listed Investments Trusts, Index Funds, Direct Investments with rebalancing and solution review recommendations every six months. Assumption: It is possible to select some investments which are better than others and “add value”.  Secures a wide range of unrelated investment entities creating additional security. Returns will  reflect market activity. Has the potential to outperform the options below but will not always do so. Some the options below can be blended into a Strategic Portfolio. Minimum $200,000 Explore Here


Screenshot 2016-01-15 15.48.41Guaranteed LifeTime Income:

Lifetime tax paid rate at age of  first withdrawal.

5.00%    65-69
5.5%       70-74
6.0%       75-79
6.5%       80-85

Income is insured regardless of how  your balanced investments perform for as long as you live. You can access all or part of your investment.  Any remaining funds are paid to your estate on death. Investment Return Risk and Longevity Risk (money runs out before you do!) are covered by insurance. For those who are happy to trade certainty for slightly lower return. Can be blended into a wider investment strategy.
Minimum of $100,000 per person. Explore Here


Assumption: Certainty of income is your focus for all or part of your investments and you are prepared to forgo the potential of a higher return. A strategy than can blend well with other options.

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Synergy Investments:

A portfolio  of mostly passive funds with asset allocation  actively managed. A fully diversified, professionally managed portfolio with Synergy that is cost-effective, transparent and smart aligned to your investor comfort zone. Your portfolio will be automatically rebalanced by Funds Administration New Zealand (a subsidiary of SBS Bank). The majority of holdings are in Index Funds which provide massive diversification and will reflect market returns rather the returns of a selected number of investments. The assumption is that lower management costs will enhance returns and  index exposure will avoid the risk of a mis selection that might occur with an active manager. This is a stand alone solution or can be blended with a Strategic Alpha Portfolio

Minimum $50,000 Explore Here

Assumptions: There are efficient systems and processes that can be applied to smaller placements with many of the same benefits usually associated with larger portfolios. Core solution of intelligent index funds.


Dimensional-LogoDimensional Core Portfolios:

Based on 30 years of experience utilising Nobel Prize winning research in a rigorous academic process. Dimensional seeks to design broadly diversified equity strategies that offer focused exposure to the sources of expected returns in the market. Unlike index funds that follow commercial benchmarks, Dimensional defines asset classes based on a security’s market capitalisation and book-to-market (BtM) ratio and actively applies our own eligibility rules. To gain the purest representation possible, they exclude securities that do not exhibit the general characteristics of the defined asset class.They also eliminate securities that lack sufficient liquidity for cost-effective trading.

Minimum: $200,000 Explore Here



Assumption: The future is unknowable. Chasing the short term ‘promise’ of better returns from high cost, active managers only leads to long term disappointment.

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