How we do it

We prepare a Financial Plan, select Solutions and take care of  both the Implementation and ongoing Administration paperwork.

Prepare a Financial Plan

This may be a Comprehensive Plan covering all the elements: Goals & Resources, Cash-Flow, Savings, Investments, Family & Business Protection, Tax Planning, Business Succession, Estate Planning or just one or several of those elements. The Process begins with your own self-discovery exercise by completing the Financial Health Check. This is an advice and solution free zone and allows you to explore your financial future. The Financial Health Check will empower you with the background information to engage in an in depth discussion with your advisor. Following this discussion a personalised strategy will be prepared, a fully documented financial plan which is uniquely yours. A foundation for your future financial security.

Solution Selection

Following our advice on the strategies to adopt we will also recommend solutions.

Savings Schemes

We will recommend a saving scheme that best meets your needs, given all the other variables in your life, and optimise the fact that you are saving regularly. This brings its own advantages which many miss. This will include KiwiSaver.

Investment Recommendations

We use investment grade and above direct fixed interest investments, and a multi-fund manager as the core component for property and equity investments. Depending on a clients investor profile we will build  additional investments around this core from UK Listed Investment Trusts, direct shares, commodities and speciality investments  to add further value. This has proved to be a robust strategy over time. We ensure appropriate risk management through diversification and limiting exposure to particular risks.


If there are areas in your life which need insurance (or less insurance) we select from three providers the solution that best fits your needs. We calculate the commissions savings over 10 years and apply a percentage fee. Savings can be significant. Quality solutions at market leading prices and we have no incentive commissions to distract us.

We take care of the Administration

Client’s hold their investments in their own name. This bring a high level of security and comfort. With a wide range of diversified assets increases the administration but is vital for client’s asset protection.

Strategic’s 22 year old tried and tested systems takes care of all the administration hassles for you. Indeed, because Strategic acts as the postal address for your investments we have an overall picture and can produce timely reports enabling you or your accountant to complete your tax returns easily. This administrative process has proved very efficient whilst giving clients a high level of control and security. No trustee is required as assets are all held in your own name or that of your Trust or Company. We do not contract out the administration to a third party but will use a nominee account for  efficient transactions in offshore shares.

All transactions can be tracked online.

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