Making Money Work

Every one is unique!
So are Strategic’s Alpha Portfolios

Clients have many different reasons for coming to Strategic. Some have the ongoing stewardship of family investments (Growth Portfolios),others have worked hard to create wealth and now need an income (Income Portfolios).Time horizons also differ. Everyone will have their own comfort zone with investments. We listen to your story and design a solution for you.

We will take into account the many challenges and opportunities involved in investing: See Understanding Risk. We will select from the wide range of investments and investment types and a create a portfolio unique to your needs. See Types of Investments. Our independence gives you confidence that your needs are our total focus. See Why Independence is Important.

Without fear or favour we will then monitor your portfolio and “hire & fire” the underlying funds managers as required and tactically adjust the portfolio to take advantage of market conditions as they change. One thing we have learnt over 25 years is that nothing is static!

Strategic will mix and match the investments to reflect your needs. Each of the Five Asset Allocation Sectors will be populated with investments and, where possible, exposure to any one investment will be limited to 10% of your portfolio. This “lifeboat approach” has served our clients well during challenging times. It is the impact of the overall mix of investments that is ultimately important.  Not having our own products or obligations to a supplier of solutions is very liberating. The value of Independence!

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