Your Unique Financial Plan

No one is quite like you!

Everyone’s life is different. This is why pre-packaged solutions seldom meet your needs.  If you have completed Strategic’s Financial Health Check you will be familiar with the complexity of your own life and have 80% of the issues identified.

We use the following types of personal information in designing your strategy.


  • What are your Goals and what time frames do your have for them?
  • What priority do you give to each of your Goals?
  • Do your Goals requires ongoing funding e.g. Retirement or are they a one off or do they re occur at different intervals e.g. travel, car replacement?

Resources (what you can draw upon).

  • What Resources do you have currently that can meet your goals?
  • What Resources are you accumulating, at what rate. e.g. KiwiSaver
  • When do these Resources become available to you?


  • How will your income vary e.g two incomes for a period(s) both now and retirement?
  • What income do you expect in retirement?
  • How will your Expenditure change in different periods of your life.
  • If you lost income either temporarily or permanently what impact would that have on your current situation and future plans?
  • On what or whom is your income dependent?

Family & Business Protection

  • Are you over or under insured?
  • Are succession and estate plans in place?
  • Is you business dependent on key people?

Legal Structures

  • Are Wills in place and current?
  • Is there a need to have any legal structures in place e.g Testamentary Trust, Family Trust?
  • Should assets be held as Joint Tenants of Tenants in Common?


  • Are your current assets tax efficient?
  • Are you holding strategies tax efficient?

Pensions & Allowances

  • Are you aware of what you are entitled to from the Government?
  • If the partner with a works pension predeceases you how are you placed?

Investor Profile

  • What is your comfort zone for investing (we use FinaMetrica Risk Profiler to begin this conversation).
  • What is your risk capacity?
  • Are your Goals and Investor Comfort Zone compatible?




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