For your information

This section contains resources intended for our clients but most are available for anyone to read.  We hope you find them useful. Knowledge is power. We are great believers in Consumer Confidence & Empowerment.

Included are:

Investment Types – descriptions of various types of investments and their particular properties. There are many options and our independence and commission-free services means we do not have vested interest solutions. If you do well, we do well.

Understanding Risk – one of the harder concepts in financial planning is how to make plans for an uncertain future and we remind you that doing nothing is risky!

Ethical Investing – This allows your personal values to be represented in your investments, where possible. Strategic have a particular interest in this area.

Client Resource Library – a protected area for clients only.  If you are a client, email us for access. Here clients have access to background investment information and updates to all investments which updated regularly.


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